Available now in select, luxury motorcoaches, the Seamless System is making waves across the RV world.

The Seamless System is a new motor coach slide-room system consisting of four components working together to create what Tiffin Motorhomes calls “a game changer in RV design”. The resulting slide rooms are compatible with most existing production processes and motorcoach models, excel in being aesthetically pleasing, achieve unprecedented durability, reliability, and simplicity, and are completely watertight. The four components that make this possible are Seamless Slides®, the Seamless Lock, the Topless Topper™, and the Seamless Seal.

Seamless Slides®

Seamless Slides® are the world’s only one-piece slide rooms with a built-in flange. These patented slide rooms innovatively surpass conventional slide room technology on most fronts, excelling in beauty, efficiency, durability, and compatibility. They are compatible with all slide mechanisms and roller designs, and can be manufactured to virtually any specifications. Whether you want a flush-floor, full-length slide or any other customized design, Seamless Slides® can be built to fit.

Seamless Slides® are molded in one piece, similar to the hull of a yacht and have no seams, holes, or surface irregularities, which has a number of benefits that make Seamless Slides® stand out from the crowd.

Since there are no seams or holes for water to infiltrate, Seamless Slides® are 100% watertight.

One-piece construction also gives them unparalleled strength, durability, and dimensional stability without compromising weight. Forget about the loose screws, caulk deterioration, and molding separation typical of conventional slide rooms. Seamless Slides® have no screws, caulk, or finicky hardware. They won’t shift or sag, messing up the paint job or creating openings for leaks and drafts; aerospace inspired technology allows Seamless Slides® to deliver years of hassle-free reliability.

Sharp corners and edges are minimized, reducing the risk of injury from accidents such as the commonly reported bumping of the head when bending down to reach things located under an extended slide room.

They are beautiful. Since all five walls and the flange are molded together in one piece, Seamless Slides® have a uniquely sleek, minimalist appearance, characterized by their low profile and the absence of chunky trim, molding, brackets, or screws. Together with the other components of the Seamless System, which allow the slide room to seal tightly against the side of the vehicle, Seamless Slides® can achieve a low profile and flush appearance that finally bring RV slide room styles into the 21st century. Freedom from bulky hardware allows Seamless Slides® to wow and inspire with nothing but clean lines and smooth surfaces.

Conventional sweeper seal

Conventional corner flange

Seamless Slides® sweeper seal

Seamless Slides® flange

The molding process ensures dimensional consistency and precise repeatable tolerances, making them reliable and predictable to install, unlike conventional slide rooms, the complex construction of which involves a wider margin of error.

The production of Seamless Slides® utilizes closed mold (advanced composite) processes, which reduces green house gas emissions, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Seamless Slides are compatible with existing slide room construction and installation processes but significantly minimize the amount of work that needs to be performed by the vehicle manufacturer, allowing them to reduce slide construction overhead and potentially the entire department, as well as minimizing the amount of VOCs produced at the manufacturing site.

Seamless Lock

The Seamless Lock is the worlds only all-mechanical slide room lock mechanism that automatically applies positive pressure to the top of the box. This patent pending product is broadly compatible, and can enhance any in-floor (below floor, basement, “diving board”) style slide mechanism, both hydraulic and electrical. This innovative design enables the more reliable in-floor style slide systems to achieve an excellent seal all the way around the box, especially at the top where they generally under-perform, effectively resulting in a slide room that is the best of both in-floor and in-wall systems with respect to compression. The Seamless Lock works automatically, meaning it is activated every time the slide room is closed without requiring any manual configuration by the vehicle operator.

Unlike conventional slide rooms, which will tip out of place when driving around corners, the Seamless Lock will keep slide rooms solidly in place when centrifugal force is applied, and even pull a loose slide in up to 1.5 inches. The lock’s unique design allows for its compression force to be adjusted so that different tightness levels can be achieved, which enables the lock to maintain these qualities across a spectrum of contexts.

Locking slide rooms tightly in place against the vehicle wall resolves a variety of frustrations with which owners of conventional slide rooms are familiar. Conventional slide rooms create wind resistance when they tip out of the box, which causes drag (negatively impacting gas mileage) and undesirable noise inside the cabin; the Seamless Lock ensures that wind meets minimal resistance by keeping the slide locked tight against the vehicle, thus reducing noise and drag. The tight seal created by the Seamless Lock also reduces atmospheric exchange between the inside and outside of the vehicle, preventing draft and keeping cabin temperature stable.

Like all good design, the Seamless Lock is simple and elegant. Its all-mechanical construction results in consistent, reliable performance that that is free of buggy or temperamental electronic components, and also reduces the risk of fire and electrocution. In contrast to certain other locking mechanisms which require that multiple holes be drilled into the slides to anchor hardware and consequently create potential leakage points, the Seamless Lock does not require that any holes be drilled into the slide rooms, allowing them to remain uncompromisingly seamless and leak-proof.

Likewise, Seamless Locks are totally hidden from view, and do not require any ugly visible reservoirs or gears to be present on the slide. This ensures that the sleek, minimalist aesthetics of Seamless Slides® stay intact, and that there is no place for dirt, moss, fungus, or insects to collect.

“A game-changer in RV design.” – Tiffin Motorhoms

Topless Topper™

This patented topper system is our answer to the awning topper component of slide rooms and is a radical improvement over those conventional systems. The Topless Topper™ is a rigid blade rotating on an axis above the box which allows it to act as a powerful squeegee each time the box is closed – forcefully but gracefully sheering off whatever debris has collected on the top of the box – from water and dirt to leaves and twigs and even sheets of ice.

Motor coach operators hate awning toppers. They are fragile, finicky, high maintenance, ugly, and have a short life span. By contrast the Topless Topper™ is sturdy, dead simple, no-maintenance, beautiful, long-lasting technology.

Unlike awnings, which stick out from the side of the vehicle and flap in the wind, causing drag, noise, and often damage, the Topless Topper™ is a stable, one-piece component that glides down the road silently unaffected by the wind resistance.

Awnings tend to sag and collect debris and sometimes must be cleaned out by hand before being closed. They can also collect pools of water, which can turn into chunks of sticky ice. Owners of Topless Toppers™ never have to worry about standing outside to scoop out handfuls of wet leaves or chip off pieces of ice again.

All the moving parts, diverse materials, and constant adjustments required by awnings result in a product that malfunctions frequently and must be replaced every few years. Topless Toppers™ have greatly extended longevity and will not only outperform awnings in the previously stated ways, but outlast them as well.

Seamless Seal

Seamless Seals are a patent pending bulb-seal/sweeper-seal combination designed to integrate with the Seamless System to ensure maximum slide room compression and imperviousness.

Sweeper seals are notorious for allowing water to penetrate between a slide-room and the vehicle wall. Locations where the sweeper seal must navigate over trim or molding are the most likely candidates for a leak. Seamless Slides® have no such obstacles for sweeper seals to navigate. The uninterrupted smoothness of Seamless Slides® allow for a continuous seal around the outside of the box and ensure that there are no gaps in the seal through which water may leak.

Conventional sweeper seal

Sweeper seal on a conventional slider room

Seamless Slides® sweeper seal

Sweeper seal on a Seamless Slide®

Seamless Seals also contribute to the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of Seamless Slides® by utilizing a new bulb seal design which allows for maximum slide room compression – down to a nearly flush 1/16th of an inch – a stark contrast to the bulky, protruding outward appearance of conventional slide rooms.

Seamless Slides® are available now! Contact us for details.