The Seamless Lock is the worlds only all-mechanical slide lock mechanism that automatically applies positive pressure to the top of the box. It is broadly compatible, and can enhance any in-floor (below floor, basement, “diving board”) style slide mechanism, both hydraulic and electrical. This innovative design enables the more reliable in-floor style slide systems to achieve an excellent seal all the way around the box, especially at the top where they generally under-perform, effectively resulting a slide room that is the best of both in-floor and in-wall systems with respect to compression. The Seamless Lock works automatically, meaning it is activated every time the slide room is closed without requiring any manual configuration by the vehicle operator.

Unlike conventional slide rooms, which will tip out of place when driving around corners, the Seamless Lock will keep slide rooms solidly in place when centrifugal force is applied, and even pull a loose slide in up to 1.5 inches. The lock’s unique design allows for its compression force to be adjusted so that different tightness levels can be achieved, which enables that the lock to maintain these qualities across a spectrum of contexts.

Locking slide rooms tightly in place against the vehicle wall resolves a variety of frustrations with which owners of conventional slide rooms are familiar. Conventional slide rooms create wind resistance when they tip out of the box, which causes drag (negatively impacting gas mileage) and undesirable noise inside the cabin; the Seamless Lock ensures that wind meets minimal resistance by keeping the slide locked tight against the vehicle, thus reducing noise and drag. The tight seal created by the Seamless Lock also reduces atmospheric exchange between the inside and outside of the vehicle, preventing draft keeping cabin temperature stable.

Like all good design, the Seamless Lock is simple and elegant. It’s all-mechanical construction results in consistent, reliable performance that that is free of buggy or temperamental electronic components, and also reduces the risk of fire and electrocution. In contrast to certain other locking mechanisms which require that multiple holes be drilled into the slides to anchor hardware and consequently create potential leakage points, the Seamless Lock does not require that any holes be drilled into the slide rooms, allowing them to remain uncompromisingly seamless and leak-proof.

Likewise, Seamless Locks are totally hidden from view, and do not require any ugly visible reservoirs or gears to be present on the slide. This ensures that the sleek, minimalist aesthetics of Seamless Slides stay intact, and that there is no place for dirt, moss, fungus, or insects to collect.

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